It’s got Bounce! 6 Tips on Curling your Hair with a Straightener

Are you ready for a new day of beauty? I am, and I’ve got something to help you out with some hair woes.

So, yesterday after work I had to grudgingly follow my friend to the salon to get her hair done. After spending about 3 hours watching the hairdresser turtle her way into finishing the hair, she finally begins curling the hair…with a straightener.

Now, I know there is nothing wrong with using a straightener to curl hair, as long as you do it well. But it was more than evident this hairdresser just got in the game of dressing hair. Let’s just say that in the end, my friend looked like her hair had gone through a kneading machine.

Most times when it comes to owning electronic tools for hair, we usually have flat irons or straighteners. Not every one has all the necessary gadgets. Being a lover of beauty on a budget, I am here with some great tips to help you avoid getting your hair messed up this holidays and for the rest of your life.

BN Beauty presents 7 tips to guide you in curling your hair with a straightener.

1. Always use heat protectant first. This way you can do tip 2 without worrying about burning your hair. The protectant also creates great coverage to keep your hair from damaging in the process.

2. Sectioning your hair gives you great control. Take a little piece at a time to help you concentrate more on where you need to focus. It gives you a much better reach and tighter curls.

3. Be sure to comb the section before you begin straightening. Clumped up hair can end up tangling and distorting the curl later on.

4. Determine the direction you want your curl. If you want it away from your face, place the hair in-between the straightener, and then wrap it around the upper part of the straightener. After this, slowly pull it down the hair in the direction or flow of the hair you have wrapped all the way to the end.

5. Pinning each section down can help with retaining the curl while you finish the rest of the hair. After each section, take a bobby pin, wrap the section into the curl you have created and pin in place.

6. Using holding spray is optional. After straightening you can choose to use a holding spray to finish up the hair and help it last a bit longer. Then let it loose and style as you please

7. Use a wide toothed brush or comb so you don’t pull the curl out of place while styling.

Let’s see how celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist Editi Udofot of Edee Beau gets her curls using a straightener.

Sharing is caring, so if you have any styling tips on using straighteners to curl your hair, don’t forget to share them in the comment section below. Have a beautiful day ahead.


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